How to get FREE 1 Month Trial Hotstar Premium Membership with Code: DESI40. Let us tell you there is no 1 Month Hotstar Free Trial in the USA though you can subscribe Hpotstar in Just $45 with code: DESI40 and avail $5 Extra discount. If you do not like Hotstar content then you can cancel in 48 hours and get full refund automatically without single question.

Is Hotstar free? in USA?

You can watch Free for 48 hours and cancel in 48 hours and you will not get charge.

How can I get Hotstar free trial in the USA ?

Any tricks to get Hotstar free via using VPN etc.

Don’t use VPN because it is not legal in USA.

Hotstar Free Amazon Gift Card

Amazon Gift card offer was there in 2019. There is no Amazon Gift card currently with Hotstar signup.

Since we used to get many questions in our chat like above, so we thought to put articles and send the link to our readers.


Get 1 Month Hotstar Free Trial Now!!

If you are looking hotstar’s free trial in the USA so let me make you clear there are few ways to get this at lower price with Promo: DESI40 but sorry to say, there is not a free trial in US.

Hotstar’s Free Trial Refund Policy

Hotstar has 48 hours refund policy which you can use and cancel in 48 hours if you don’t like the service but you won’t get a free month. Now let me give you one secret- Hotstar currently running the best promotion for Annual package for 2 streams with code: DESI40 (This promo will give you $5 discount and selecting annual pack will give you another $45 discount).

Hotstar Free Trials Includes

And if you are watching on 2 streams by sharing with 1 another friend and also sharing the equal price give you total cost $70/2 = $35. This is exactly I Signed up hotstar. $35 for full year with so many great contents, Live Cricket commentary in my own language, IPL 2020, Cricket Worldcup, High-quality movies, News, STAR Plus & all their channels are on + Hotstar originals and other interesting shows is not a bad deal at all.

Hotstar Signup Process

Now let me walk you through the Step by Step Hotstar signup process:

  1. Click the link Hotstar Signup
  2. Put Name, Email Id and password (You can signup through Facebook credential too)
  3. First put Promo code (Refer below image) and see if Price is reduced to $45 and then enter Credit Card details
  4. Enjoy Hotstar premium contents and Hotstar IPL live Cricket.

Exclusive TV Shows, HD Movies & Live Cricket

Select Sports And Entertainment pack of $74.99 / year and click Start subscription

On next screen, you will get a link as Have a Promo Code? And if you click that link then it will ask you to enter promo code

Enter promo: DESI40 over there and hit apply

The package will change to $69 / year and This is total you are paying for full year with 2 streams. Now you can Share one stream to your friend by charging him $35.

Hotstar’s Free Trial + Special Gift from HelpingDesi

Gift : You’ll receive $100 Hotel Saving gift card in an email after subscribing.

Hotstar Free Trial | Get 1 Month Hotstar Free Trial
Hotstar Free Trials | Get 1 Month Hotstars Free Trial

Also, for Short time, we are giving $100 Hotel Saving gift card in email after annual pack subscribing in 2 weeks.

Hotstar Free Trial | Get 1 Month Hotstar Free Trial
Hotstar Free Trial | Get 1 Month Hotstar Free Trials

Hotstar’s Free Trial FAQ

  • Where to get the Biggest offer for hotstar. 
  • How do I get Hotstar coupon?
  • How much is Hotstar USA?
  • What is the subscription for Hotstar?
  • How much is Hotstar premium membership?

We are getting 99% Discount outside so can you give us at least 95% discount or $45 Amazon Gift card etc..

If you have those questions then you are landed into the right place and 100% authentic website (See screenshot where hotstar is awarded me as No.1 Champion because of subscribers like you who trusted and used this code). This coupon (DESI40) is only giving best offer in Market. You might be seeing many other sites where people are faking it by writing “get hotstar with 90% to 99% Discount and also get $45 to $500 Gift card” etc… Now my question to you is – Do you think you pay $69.99 for hotstar Annual and you will get Hotstar Subscription and also $500 Gift card.

Please read Step by Step signup process by Clicking Here Hotstar Signup


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